Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Spoiled for choice!!!

Happy Tuesday and just look how I start my day.  On the far left is my Nutri Blast; i plan to do a whole separate post on this little life saver as they are just ammmmaaazzinng and every home needs one!!! Moving along the row we have a glass of hot water and lemon with a dash of honey, then a blend of white tea with rosebuds and pomegranate - I blended two loose leaves from Whittards and moving along I have a Twinings light and delicate Green Tea. Enjoy your day, I know I will.


  1. Hello you, wow this is amazing as I have recently just got back into my love of tea and am currently enjoying a chilli tea and a chocolate and orange. I love the loose leaf and the bag and have been using them to help me through the day. Can't wait to see the next blog. Loads of love xx

    1. Thank you Pip. I have been blending different varieties of loose tea and the tastes have been incredible so much so that I wanted to share them. I bought some empty tea bags from Burgon and Ball and they have been sooo useful. Look out for more tips on blending along with the best tea strainers. When my Tea Shop opens in the next few years you can come and visit :-) xx