Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I have met Shaun! Oh my!!!

So, here was my dilemma, years and years of yo yo dieting and sporadic bursts of exercise have taken their toll and yet I want to get fit without joining a gym or over committing myself and then over the weekend whilst watching the music channel on came SHAUN!!! You know, Shaun T from the infamous Insanity!  He has a programme called Focus T25 and after watching the advert and the promise of just doing 25 minutes a day I was hooked.  I placed an order on Amazon - Focus T 25 Amazon - and the very next day my package arrived.  As soon as I got home after work I got changed and gave it a go.  It is fab! REALLY!!!  It is fun, clear and easy to follow, motivational and the best bit is the HUGE timer in the bottom left of the screen.  TRY IT! 

I will keep you posted as it promises to change my body over the next 10 weeks.  I have taken a before photo however vanity wins and I cannot post it on here, I may post both at the end...  

Anyone want to join me???

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