Monday, 24 November 2014

Excitement unlimited for the arrival of Snowflake Dreams

Do you have any idea how excited I am by the eagerly awaited arrival of Clinique's Blended Face Powder in Snowflake Dreams 

How gorgeous does this little gem look?  How much am I going to twinkle this Christmas season?  I first saw an article in the YOU Magazine promising amazing things from this delightful pot of powder and yet when I visited all of the Clinique counters in my locality no one had it in stock so I have been waiting and waiting! I received a call from my favourite counter to say it HAS ARRIVED!  I shall race along after work today and collect my prize and will let you all know how marvellous it is in my next post.

What is your favourite Clinique product?  

1 comment:

  1. How was it then? Hope you sparkled, not that you anything to assist you there. I was given some Clinique for Christmas. Haven't used it for ages but giving it a go. I am also awaiting, eagerly, the arrival of my Nutribullet. Have been promising myself one for ages and have finally ordered it. Hope you are well and had a good Christmas. Happy New Year. xx