Sunday, 16 November 2014

Every one needs to wake up to a BLAST!!!

I am well into feeling healthy since we went on a cruise in September and learned all about how the body needs a detox for 3 months every 3 years to relieve the organs of acid.  I will blog about the Elemis Detox Programme separately.  Today I want to share my love of the Nutri Bullet and the difference this has made to my well-being and also the simplicity of using it from start to finish.

Here is the Nutri Bullet in all its glory.  You get 2 smaller cups, 1 large cup, lids, a handle, 2 different blades, the mechanism and an informative guide.  I also got a wonderful book full of recipes and ingredients for every kind of ailment too, it is called Nutri Bullet Natural Healing Foods and is highly recommended.  This was FREE when I bought my Nutri Bullet.

First, I select my ingredients, it is recommended that spinach or other greens are used to half fill the cup, then I add other fruits, nuts and more.  Today I have chosen frozen berries, fresh coconut, grapes, kiwi, pomegranatespirulina, celery, an apple and water.

I also added a teaspoon of spirulina - click on the link to view the benefits of this Super Supplement

I also added my Mega Mag as this has proven to alleviate any spasms in my lower back, recommended by my elder brother and an Osteopath I visit when required.  When the cup is full of the chosen ingredients you put in water or liquid of your choice, so far the liquids I have used are tap water, mineral water, distilled water, green tea and coconut water. You put liquid up to the 'max' line on the side of the cup.

I prefer to use the Extractor Blade as seen in the left of the above picture and the full cup is to the right of the picture.

Simply screw on the extractor blade, turn upside down and click onto the base and turn the power on at the wall socket (there is no on/off button on the mechanism) and it literally takes seconds/minutes depending upon how much you want lumps.  It is fascinating to watch the cyclonic action and I still marvel at the limited time it takes.

Simply remove from the base and unscrew and 'hey presto', just like the early morning adverts say you have a nutritious Nutri Blast to enjoy!  

Not only is the Nutri Bullet simple to use, it is incredibly quick and easy to clean, simply rinse straight away under the tap and leave to dry! NO scrubbing required if done immediately - This is where it wins hands down over other extractors/juicers and blenders in my opinion.  Trust me, I have cupboards full of the older versions that took up ALL of the worktop space too and the Nutri Bullet looks stylish and doesn't take up much space at all.

In the week I screw on the handle lid which makes it easier to drink from the cup but today I have poured it into a favourite glass and put a lid on the remainder and popped it in the fridge for later.

I have owned the Nutri Bullet for 3 months and I have to say that many people have commented on how well I look.  Using the Nutri Bullet alongside following a detox programme and combining it with my Focus T 25 exercise I am feeling awesome and yet last year the story was very different, I felt down, sluggish and weighed more than I do now! I really did not believe that an extractor could do so much! But the Nutri Bullet does what is promises and let me tell you, you are not aware that you are drinking spinach!

It works! Get a Nutri Bullet and let me know how you feel.

Happy Sunday and I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Sunday paper to read with a cup of my favourite tea leaf blend of Raspberry Leaf Tea with Nettle Leaves before helping my better half prepare Sunday lunch.



  1. Hi Kez,
    I have often seen these advertised and thought it would be great to do. Maybe I should put it on my Christmas list! xx

    1. Thank you Pip! Get one for sure, it will change your life and great for the children too. It is an easy and very delicious way of getting more than your 5 a day! Whoever would have thought that 'drinking' a cup of spinach would be sooooooo tasty!

      PS. Be sure to send the link to my blog to your friends :-)

      Lots of love

      Kerry xx