Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blending in with tea... the new 'going out'

What a busy and very hectic week I have had being on the road seeing customers, I am soooooo glad to be at home on a Saturday evening.  

I have been following the Elemis detox programme since September as I have written about before and as my job involves travelling and visiting customers I like to have herbal tea bags available in my bag or briefcase.  They were depleted in stock so I looked in the cupboard and spied a selection of loose tea leaves along with some empty tea bags and I set to work...

I chose the following loose teas:  Whittards Apple and Elderflower, Napiers Organic Nettle, Napiers Organic Raspberry Leaf, Whittards White Tea with Pomegranate and Jasmine Green Leaf Tea.

I took the Burgon and Ball empty tea bags and set about blending tea leaves to create the flavours I enjoy.  The Apple and Elderflower can be a tad too sweet however combined with Raspberry Leaf and Nettle it is divine.  Raspberry Leaf and White Tea with Pomegranate is delicious.  In some of the tea bags I put just a little of ALL of the leaves I had out!  One of my favourite blends for every day is blending Nettle with Raspberry Leaf, it is a mild tasting tea.

Voila! The finished product!  Cheaper, fresher and much, much tastier and in my opinion healthier than the shop bought blends.


This is my favourite tea pot at the moment - The Oslo Glass Teapot with infuser from Whittards - It looks the part and is so simple to use with a removable glass infuser.

Why don't you try it?  Which tea leaves are your favourite to blend? 

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